Learning Bandwidth in (educational) Teams

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When working with teams I’ve seen quite a bit of behaviour that prevented effective learning as a team. The patterns that I saw in meetings were that people kept repeating themselves over and over, that people took their standpoint and stayed there, that people had impulses to contribute to the discussion but weren’t able to […]


Misconceptions about consultants

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A dear college of mine Peter Paul Gerbrands wrote a great blogpost about the role of a consultant and the misconceptions that often surround it. He states that a top consultant helps you find the solution yourself. While more and more people believe that a consultant is an expert that comes with solutions. Read further […]

Panassembla - Reality at Work

Co-creation Panassembla

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Together with a group of experienced consultants, artists and coaches I’m initiating Panassembla. We’re currently working on formulating our goals and activities that we are going to do in the time to come. To give you an impression I’ll paste a text below that one of the participants has written: